Miami Charter Transportation

When large groups are planning to travel inside of Miami, it is important to consider hiring charter transportation services so everyone can get around the area. Trying to navigate through the streets of Miami can be absolutely mindboggling, confusing and stressful to each of the drivers. The roads are like a maze, and many people feel like lab rats trying to figure out how to get to the end to locate the piece of cheese. This is what navigating Miami seems like to out of town visitors. Let’s face it. The roads can be confusing if you don’t know where you are going. Sometimes, a GPS can help and other times, a GPS is a total waste. Enlisting the services of a corporate charter transportation company will make traversing the city of Miami a relaxed situation. LTG Miami will eliminate the stress of maneuvering through Miami for those attending corporate events in the hustling and bustling city of Miami.


Mini Coaches in Orlando

Mini Coaches in OrlandoOrlando Florida is the most visited city in the United States. It has surpassed the number of visitors to New York City for the past several years. It makes perfect sense! Orlando has so much to offer tourists and corporate event attendees. Besides spectacular venues for company meetings and get-togethers, there are tons of things for the attendees to do in their spare time while visiting Orlando. There are great sporting events, such as Orlando Magic basketball games or the Solar Bears hockey games. Of course, the Atlanta Braves have their Spring Training in the area as well which can prove to be a fun experience. The theme parks are plentiful too. Everybody knows that Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are in Orlando however; it’s only a hop, skip and a jump from Sea World and other cool theme parks. Many companies set up outings for the executives visiting the area, and hire mini coach transportation for them to get to and from the hotels to different sporting events or theme parks. Luxury Transportation Group USA provides the finest corporate mini coach transportation services Orlando has to offer.

Orlando Charter Transportation

There is certainly nothing boring when it comes to a trip to sunny Orlando Florida. Unfortunately, this includes driving on the busy roads with all of the impatient people who want to get to where they are going as quickly as they can possibly get there. This, coupled with all of the visitors maneuvering through unfamiliar roadways is nothing more than a recipe for disaster. There are accidents galore, especially in downtown and the tourist areas near Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. A corporate charter transportation services company can help to keep your executives safe, and eliminate their needs to traverse the roads in Orlando. An executive involved in a devastating accident while attending a required corporate event in Orlando can result in major payouts for injuries, property damages and even worse. It’s a much better decision to hire charter transportation in Orlando. Luxury Transportation Group USA is the most widely sought after transportation services company for corporate charter transportation services in Orlando.


Luxury Minibus Transportation Orlando

Orlando is the number one vacation spot in the US. It even surpasses New York City in the number of vacationers who pass through each and every year. There’s no wonder considering the moderate climate, bounty of theme parks and great attractions in this area of the Sunshine State. Loads of families even have their annual family reunions in Orlando, so they can all experience the wonders of the Land of Mickey Mouse and Movies and incredible rides. Unfortunately, everyone going to the reunions can’t afford to stay inside of the theme parks. This can be an expensive endeavor, especially if the attendees have large families. The best option for transportation services is to hire luxury minibus transportation for getting around the Orlando area. Luxury Transportation Group USA has drivers that are highly experienced in getting vacationers to and from their Orlando family reunions on time.


Corporate Minibus Services in Orlando

Orlando is a hustling and bustling city no matter what time of year a person visits. Day or night, there is traffic flowing through the city which can create issues for companies having corporate events in the area. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the airport in Orlando is always busy; hence the number of vehicles moving in and out of the airport is incredible. When a national or international is sponsoring an event for their employees, getting the people to and from the airport could surely pose a problem. Corporate minibus services in Orlando can be the solution. The professional drivers can pick up a large group of people and provide easy corporate minibus transportation which will result in getting the group from the Orlando airport to the hotel in a quick and timely fashion. Of course, they can get them back to the airport after the event has concluded just as easily and efficiently.

Shuttle Services in Miami

minibus transportation miamiPlanning corporate events and gatherings can be a real pain in the neck, even if you have the most resourceful and experienced event planner on staff. There are venues to book, caterers to test, speakers to contact, and lodging to book, need be. The last thing on the minds of corporate event planners is how to get every attendee from one place to the venue for the event. For companies that need a larger vehicle than the typical transportation services companies provide, corporate shuttle services in Miami should become a very important consideration. A minibus could very well be the perfect type of shuttle services Miami has to offer for your corporate event. In all reality, professional corporate shuttle transportation services is a cost effective way to move your attendees back and forth between venues. The expense of hiring numerous luxury cars to transport people versus the cost of hiring corporate shuttle services in Miami is a no brainer for most companies. Luxury Transportation Group USA offers the highest quality corporate shuttle services Miami has to offer.

Shuttle Services in Orlando

minibus transportation orlandoWhen most people think of sunny Orlando Florida, they think of the many theme parks like Walt Disneyworld and Universal Studios. They picture families with young children riding the rides at Suesssville in Disneyworld or families with older kids enjoying the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Diagon Alley in Universal Studios. The truth of the matter is that Orlando is a huge draw for companies having large corporate events. Companies have been having corporate events in Orlando for decades now. The attendees can be at the required events when necessary and still have the time to relax and enjoy the many attractions the area has to offer in their downtime. Corporate shuttle services can make transportation a snap in Orlando. The luxurious minibus offered by Luxury Transportation Group USA provides the comfort and reliability companies want for their employees in need of corporate transportation services in the Orlando area.

Luxury Minibus Transportation Miami

minibus transportaton miamiThere are thousands and thousands of people from all over the world that flock to Miami each and every year for their annual family reunions. Let’s face it! Miami is one of the greatest destinations for having a family get together. It offers wonderfully sunny weather, warm ocean water, soft and sandy beaches, art galleries, cultural events, fantastic shopping and nightlife that will make anyone get up off their chairs and dance. Miami is second to nowhere when it comes to vacation spots for family reunions, and many families enjoy having their get together in this beautiful location. The only problem is getting everybody from their hotels to the reunion destination. Sure, people can rent vehicles but if you know anything about the crazy roads in the area, this would certainly not be a wise thing to do. By hiring luxury minibuses Miami destinations will never be an issue for them to get to. No one will get lost trying to get to the venue if the group rents minibus transportation Miami style. Luxury Transportation Group USA is the premiere provider of all types of luxury transportation in and around the Miami area.